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I've stated work on new project. And started investigation all application that used. And I found one application that use avalon projects (avalon-framework, avalon-excalibur, avalon-repository, etc.). And I was realy surprised when I found that those projects were closed.

I'm very new in those technologies. Unfortunately, I didn't find the reason why they were closed. I know that they realized Inversion of Control (IoC) and Separation of Concerns (SoC) design patterns.

Does anyone know why they were closed? And which alternatives were created?

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I would say, due to lack of interest. There was a lot of DI frameworks like avalon - notably: pico/nanocontainer, guice, spring - and spring eventually won and is most used now. You do not develop a framework if you have no use case for it.

But nevertheless, the ideas are not dead and found their way into mainstream (even Java EE has dependency injection now)

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Thanks Konstia. – Serhii Kartashov Nov 12 '12 at 13:01

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