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I would like to count fields from related table with WHERE Statement.

For counting data from related table I used this statement.

=DCount("ID","Customers","AddressID=" & AddressID)

I have to count customers for each address that customer is registred with WHERE statement where I will check how many customers are banned for each address.

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You can build up the where statement like so:

=DCount("ID","Customers","Banned = False And AddressID=" & AddressID)
=DCount("ID","Customers","Banned = 'No' And AddressID=" & AddressID)
=DCount("ID","Customers","Banned = ""No"" And AddressID=" & AddressID)
=DCount("ID","Customers","DateBanned = #2012/09/21# And AddressID=" & AddressID)

The third argument of domain aggregate functions such as DCount is the where statement (criteria), and you can use most of the expressions that you would use in a query in that argument.

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And If my Banned field is Text? –  lukso Nov 12 '12 at 11:13
Use quotes, just as you would with a where atatement. –  Fionnuala Nov 12 '12 at 11:17

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