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How can I transform A to reduced row echelon form with using elementary row operations. I cannot solve because I can't use the rref() command.

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If your question is about the use of Matlab, the answer is, of course, elementary. For example, you can switch rows this way:

A([4 2],:) = A([2 4],:)

you can multiply a row by a constant this way

A(3,:) = 3*A(3,:)

and I'll leave you to figure out how to add rows together.

If your question is about the mathematics of reducing A to row echelon form, that would be off-topic on SO.

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It is useful to be aware of rrefmovie, which used to be included in MATLAB but has since been removed. It takes a matrix walks through the steps to produce a matrix in reduced row echelon form, identifying pivots/eliminations and displaying the partially reduced matrices along the way. You can download the .m file to be used with a newer version of MATLAB here at the Matlab Central file exchange.

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