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I found the following code snippet on the internet, and want to use it in my own .vimrc.

augroup CodeFormatters

    autocmd  BufReadPost,FileReadPost   *.py    :silent %!
augroup END

However, I'm not quite sure where to put the script, so that it is accessible from everywhere. Furthermore I read that using BufReadPre is better than BufReadPost, respectively FileReadPre, is that true?

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As it stands, must be accessible through your PATH. If you have a convenient place already contained in there, e.g. ~/bin, just place it there.

Alternatively, you can place it somewhere into your .vim directory, and use something like expand('<sfile>:p:h') to resolve the directory of your Vimscript, and build a relative path from there.

As you want to filter the read buffer contents with the :%! command, you have to use the BufReadPost event; with BufReadPre, the buffer hasn't yet been read and nothing would be sent to the filter.

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PythonTidy is a command line executable: put it somewhere in your $PATH.

You can also put it anywhere and use an absolute path in the autocmd:

autocmd  BufReadPost,FileReadPost *.py :silent %!/path/to/
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