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Below is my code, I can't make it start another question if a question is answered.

I have a list of questions that the app asks, but it is pointless to post them all here. I just can't figure out how to keep on asking questions.

from tkinter import *
from random import randint
from tkinter import ttk

def correct():
    vastus = ('correct')

def first():
    box = Tk()
    box.title('First question')

    silt = ttk.Label(box, text="Question")
    silt.place(x=5, y=5)

    answer = ttk.Button(box, text="Answer 1", command=correct)
    answer.place(x=10, y=30, width=150,)

    answer = ttk.Button(box, text="Answer 2",command=box.destroy)
    answer.place(x=10, y=60, width=150)

    answer = ttk.Button(box, text="Answer 3", command=box.destroy)
    answer.place(x=10, y=90, width=150)

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Can you expand your code extract to actually include a call to correct i.e. your message box? –  poke Nov 12 '12 at 11:19
When correct is answered then it calls the messagebox. But I can't understand your question. –  user1794625 Nov 12 '12 at 11:22
Nevermind, I missed the command=correct part on the first button. –  poke Nov 12 '12 at 11:30
Can’t you just call the next question from within the correct function? –  poke Nov 12 '12 at 11:43
I have tried that but I couldn't get it to work –  user1794625 Nov 12 '12 at 11:46

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from what I can tell, you question is very vague.


is what you're looking for?

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You could either just run the next question from within your correct function, or if you abstract your QA dialog a bit more, you could probably make it a lot more flexible. I was a bit bored, so I built something that supports a dynamic number of questions (with only 3 answers currently though):

from tkinter import ttk
import tkinter
import tkinter.messagebox

class Question:
    def __init__ (self, question, answers, correctIndex=0):
        self.question = question
        self.answers = answers
        self.correct = correctIndex

class QuestionApplication (tkinter.Frame):
    def __init__ (self, master=None):

        self.question = ttk.Label(self)

        self.answers = []
        for i in range(3):
            answer = ttk.Button(self)

    def askQuestion (self, question, callback=None):
        self.callback = callback
        self.question['text'] = question.question

        for i, a in enumerate(question.answers):
            self.answers[i]['text'] = a
            self.answers[i]['command'] = self.correct if i == question.correct else self.wrong

    def correct (self):
        if self.callback:

    def wrong (self):
        if self.callback:

# configure questions
questions = []
questions.append(Question('Question 1?', ('Correct answer 1', 'Wrong answer 2', 'Wrong answer 3')))
questions.append(Question('Question 2?', ('Wrong answer 1', 'Correct answer 2', 'Wrong answer 3'), 1))

# initialize and start application loop
app = QuestionApplication(master=tkinter.Tk())
def askNext ():
    if len(questions) > 0:
        q = questions.pop(0)
        app.askQuestion(q, askNext)

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Super big thanks dude –  user1794625 Nov 12 '12 at 15:23
@user1794625 Please remember to upvote helpful answers, and accept one if it solved your problem. –  poke Nov 12 '12 at 19:55

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