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I have a report that gets generated by a script in powershell, it reports to me the event-logs of multiple servers. I didn't make the script, my former colleague did this. I'm new to powershell and just started to learn a bit about it.

I want to exclude a Citrix error event (EventID 110) that doesn't do any harm. (has to do with Session Reliability)

get-eventlog-log application-computername

$server -EntryType error-after $d |select eventid,machinename,entrytype, message, source, timegenerated | ConvertTo-Html

-Head $h -Title "Rapport Server eventlogs" | out-file -append $Report

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get-eventlog -log application -computername $server -EntryType error -after $d |select eventid,machinename,entrytype, message, source, timegenerated| where {$_.eventid -ne 110} | ConvertTo-Html -Head $h -Title "Rapport Server eventlogs" | out-file -append $Report
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Thank you very much!! –  user1817894 Nov 12 '12 at 12:20

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