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im trying to have a partial rendered straight into my page, that when a user clicks, add player to line up, that the player will be moved from available players and into selected players. the issue im having is doing this with jquery/ujs


    %h5 Available Players
          %th Player
          %th Position
          %th Phone
        - @users.each do |user|
            %td= full_name(user)
                %button.btn.dropdown-toggle{"data-toggle" => "dropdown"}
                  %li{:class=>"nav-header"} User Management
                  %li= link_to "Add to #{full_name(user)} lineup", availabilities_path(:availability => {:team_id => @schedule.team_id, :user_id => user, :schedule_id =>, :unique_id => availability_unique_id(user,@schedule) }), :remote => true, :method => :post, :class => 'addRecord'
                  %li= link_to "Put #{full_name(user)} on standby", "#"


-title("#{} :: Schedule")
/ Begin Modal Form
= render 'schedules/modalform'
= render 'schedules/modaldelete'
/ Begin Notice Alert
- if notice
    %button.close{"data-dismiss" => "alert"} ×
    %strong Success:
    = notice
      %h4.alert-heading= "#{event_display(@schedule.event)} on #{schedule_time @schedule}"
      %h5.alert-heading= "#{} (#{@schedule.location.address})"
      %p.times= "Arrived at #{arrive_time(@schedule)}, Ends at #{end_time(@schedule)}"
      - if can? :manage, @schedule
        -#%h6.alert-heading Total Attending
        -#{:style => "width: #{accepted_players(@schedule)/number_of_selected_players(@schedule)}%;", "data-original-title" => "14 out of 17 teammates (82%) have ACCEPTED notifications for this event. Click to see who they are."}= accepted_players(@schedule)
        -#{:style => "width: 10%;", "data-original-title" => "14 out of 17 teammates (82%) have ACCEPTED notifications for this event. Click to see who they are."}= declined_players(@schedule)
        -#{:style => "width: 55%;", "data-original-title" => "14 out of 17 teammates (82%) have ACCEPTED notifications for this event. Click to see who they are."}= na_players(@schedule)
        = link_to "<i class='icon-white icon-book'></i> Close Appointments".html_safe, "#", :class => "btn btn-small btn-primary"
        = link_to "<i class='icon icon-envelope'></i> Email Attendance Report".html_safe, "#", :class => "btn btn-small"
        = link_to "<i class='icon icon-pencil'></i> Edit this #{event_display(@schedule.event)}".html_safe, "#modalEvent", :class => "btn btn-small", :data => {:toggle => "modal"}
      = link_to "<i class='icon-white icon-remove'></i> Delete Event".html_safe, "#modalDelete", :class => "btn btn-small btn-danger", :data => {:toggle => "modal"}
    = render 'schedules/available_players'
      = render 'schedules/named_players'
        %h5= "Event Location Map"
                %img{:alt => @schedule.location.address, :src => "|label:#{}|#{@schedule.location.address}"}
       "#{} (#{@schedule.location.address})"
        %h5= "Availability Summary"
              %td In
                %span.label.label-success= accepted_players(@schedule)
              %td Out
                %span.label.label-important= declined_players(@schedule)
              %td N/A
                %span.label= na_players(@schedule)`

and js file

`$('#dynamicLoadingPanel').html("<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => 'schedules/named_players')) %>")
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There is a lot of code here and little description of what problem you're having. What do you mean by "the issue im having is doing this with jquery/ujs"? Is there a JavaScript error? Does the form render properly? Remove code that isn't relevant to the problem and describe the UJS problem more. – ssorallen Nov 20 '12 at 9:22

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It looks to me like the relevant code to the question is this:

  = render 'schedules/named_players'

And that somewhere (not in code shown), and update is posted to Availabilities#create, and what is returned is a fresh version of schedules/named_players and dynamically insert that into the page within #dynamicLoadingPanel.

Here's my take:

# _schedules/available_players.html.haml

Choose availability:
  = link_to 'available', '#', :data => 'available'
  = link_to 'busy',      '#', :data => 'busy'

    $('#availabilities a').click(function(){
        { availability: $(this).attr('data') }

# availabilities/create.html.haml
I will be:
= params[:availability]

When you click one of the availabilities links, it creates a UJS call to post to availabilites#create (the extra parameters are required to make it a post, without them, load() will perform a get.

When availabilities#create is done, it renders create.html.haml, which renders whatever is in the view (this is the place to put = render :partial => 'schedules/named_players' in your own code).

The jquery method .load() replaces the innerHTML of the selector with what is returned from your post.

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