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I am currently pulling data into MongoDB, and will later need to pull this data into a separate application. This application has a requirement for the _id field to be a 32bit integer.

Be sure to explicitly set the _id attribute in the result document to unique 32 bit integers. source

I am making use of pymongo to insert documents into a collection.

def parse_tweet(in_t):
    t = {}
    t["text"] = in_t["text"]
    t["shape"] = in_t["coordinates"]["coordinates"][0], in_t["coordinates"]["coordinates"][1]
    return t

This gives me the expected documents:

  "_id" : ObjectId("50a0de04f26afb14f4bba03d"),
  "text" : "hello world",
  "shape" : [144.9557834, -37.8208589],

How can I explicitly set the _id value to be a 32bit integer?
I don't intend on storing more than 6 million documents.

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Just generate an id and pass it along. Id can be anything (except for array).

def parse_tweet(in_t):
    t = {}
    t["_id"] = get_me_an_int32_id
    t["text"] = in_t["text"]
    t["shape"] = in_t["coordinates"]["coordinates"][0], in_t["coordinates"]["coordinates"][1]
    return t

You will have to take care of its uniqueness yourself. MongoDB will only ensure that you don't store duplicate values. But where you get unique values - that's your problem.

Here are some ideas: How to make an Autoincrementing field.

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pymongo may handle this differently (I'm PHP) since this is not in the docs: however the default storage of MongoDB is not as a strict int 32 as such if your app is not orientated to handle this is could break as such I would make sure it use the equiviliant of or just code the app to handle this slight facet of Mongo –  Sammaye Nov 12 '12 at 12:44
Any chance you could share some of the logic in the get_me_an_int32_id function? Im looking at ur link, but not sure on the most elegant counter for python? –  Simon Nov 12 '12 at 22:20
Nomrally the best way, if you have control over the application, is to code the application to cast all numbers gathered from MongoDB to safe ints using the int() function as shown here:… –  Sammaye Nov 13 '12 at 8:14

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