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I am trying to write a Connector class that will provide me with a text-based IO from and to a Server that itself only communicates in text. So, basically, a telnet clone. I have written this so far:

import scala.actors.Actor
import Actor._

class Connector(socket: Socket, handler: String => Unit) {
  private val out = new PrintStream(socket.getOutputStream)
  private val in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream))

  private val receiver = actor {
    var msg = in.readLine
    while (msg != null) {
      msg = in.readLine

  def print(msg: String) = out.println(msg)

  def close = {

I now try to connect to a server with this (for testing)

import InetAddress.getByName

object Main extends App {
  val addr = getByName("")
  val socket = new Socket(addr, 4000)

  val connector = new Connector(socket, ((msg) => println(msg)))

  val stdIn = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(

  var input = stdIn.readLine
  while(input != null) {
    input = stdIn.readLine


What happens is: It connects properly and sends me the greeting screen of the server. And then it stops in the middle of the text. When I now input, it outputs the last line of the greeting text, then the rest, minus the last line. And so on. Also, it puts extra \n behind every line. When I replace println with print, then there are no \ns suddenly.

From what I see this should all work fine and properly. I mean, it's not like a simple text IO like this is higher witchcraft? What hidden quirks did I not know here?

EDIT: Correction: After some trying and research, I found out that actually, the program only swallows the last line of the server responses. It seems like the server itself is sometimes not sending full lines, so of course the client would read them.

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are you connecting to the server from Windows or Unix? – Arg Nov 12 '12 at 12:17
@Arg from Linux. – Lambda Dusk Nov 12 '12 at 12:18
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I have fixed it for myself, it seems I made a lot of assumptions that weren't met.

  private val receiver = actor {
    var done = false
    while (!done) {
      val n =
      if(n < 0)
        done = true

Now it seems to work fine and I can continue.

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