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In our project we are using mvc 4.5 so it is quite new for os all. I got a map with difference polygons. If a polygon overlap another polygon then I have to adjust the first polygon so no one overlaps I can achieve this with a metode on the PolyArea object called Difference and then make the first one equal to difference but in example 3, difference dosent work so my question is how do i get the first polygon to adjust it selv to the last in example 3. im thinking that the polygon must be disassembled into two polygons but how do I achieve this.

Polygon example

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This is really a Math question, not a Programming one... – Roy Dictus Nov 12 '12 at 12:50

Applying the clipping difference should remove the overlapped region, though I don't know why this doesn't work in your 3rd case. I presume it's a deficiency of the clipper you're using. You should have more success with a different clipper (eg Clipper).

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The difference did the job, just not on the dbgeometry object i was working on but you were sort of right so thanks. – saadan Nov 13 '12 at 10:30
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I found out why it dident work when i run the difference method on the DbGeometry object it comes out worng so i tryed converting the dbgeometry object to dbGeography and then it worked. maybe it could help others some day.

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