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i have a viewmodel:

public class ManageUserViewModel
  public Entities.User User { get; set; }
  public bool IsLockedOut { get; set; }
  public bool IsActivated { get; set; }
  public bool IsArchived { get; set; }

in Entities.User User i have a method:

/// Gets the incentive programs that this user is participating in.
public IEnumerable<IncentiveProgram> GetParticipatingIncentivePrograms()
  return Node.ParticipatingIncentivePrograms
    .Where(x => x.PublishingState == PublishingState.Live
      && DateTime.UtcNow.Date >= x.DateStart && DateTime.UtcNow.Date <= x.DateEnd);

then i have my controller:

public ActionResult UserDetails(int id)
  var user = ZincService.GetUserForId(id);
  if (user == null || user.Customer.CustomerId != CurrentCustomer.CustomerId)
    return DataNotFound();

  ManageUserViewModel viewModel = new ManageUserViewModel();
  viewModel.User = user;
  viewModel.IsLockedOut = MembershipService.IsUserLocked(user.Email);
  viewModel.IsActivated = user.DateTimeActivated.HasValue && MembershipService.IsUserApproved(user.Email);
  viewModel.IsArchived = user.IsArchived;
  return View(viewModel);

how do i get to output of GetParticipatingIncentivePrograms in my view? I dont have code in my view yet.


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Imho, you'd be better representing your incentive programs in your view model. In fact to have a userViewModel and then probably have a list of programs within this. Then load these within your controller

   public UserViewModel User { get; set; }

UserViewModel {
   public List<string> ParticipatingIncentivePrograms { get; set; }

It's usually best to not load your whole domain graph into a view as you could run into several issues (N+1 db calls, accessing a closed proxy, etc). I've typed your programs as a simple list of names, but you might expand this to a dictionary or lookup. Again keeping the view model as light and simple as possible.


As you can't change the viewmodel then it looks like you must set the value, you are only calling at present. So try the following

 viewModel.User.ParticipatingIncentivePrograms = 

If there is such a collection on user or set them to something else on your view model.

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Im afraid this code was written by someone else and I cannot change the architecture, i have to carry on with what i've got :) –  charlie_cat Nov 12 '12 at 12:44

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