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In an ASP.NET site, I'm using a code documentation tool called Nocco. Nocco is a command line tool that you explicitly run on a particular code file to output an HTML rendered version of that code and it's documentation. I've currently setup some code in my Global_asax.Application_Start method to crawl through a couple directories and process all the code files in each directory.


Ultimately, putting it in Global_asax.Applicaton_Start means that it is building the Nocco documentation, which takes ~1 seconds per file, at the beginning of each session - not only once per deployment. This seems inefficient and an ultimate waste of the user's time while the page is loading.


Is it possible to execute code internal to the ASP.NET application (such as a class method) as a post build event? I know that I could convert this part of my setup to a standalone application or even a batch script, but I've had this question for other circumstances as well and have wondered whether or not it's possible.

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why do you wont to keep documentation generation in ASP.NET app ? – Antonio Bakula Nov 12 '12 at 12:49
@AntonioBakula As I said, I know that there are different ways of accomplishing what I'm describing. But I'm asking if there's some mechanism to do this that will generate the documentation once for each build, not using the session start and Application_Start methods - specifically using methods internal to my application, not external programs. – mbeasley Nov 12 '12 at 13:41
@AntonioBakula To more directly answer your question, I want to keep documentation generation in ASP.NET because I'm serving the documentation along side the app (in fact, it's incorporated into the app itself). – mbeasley Nov 12 '12 at 14:10
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You could do your generation in Warm up script, here is the link for IIS 7.5

or you can exclude code documentation functionality in separate assembly and include it in standalone app and call it as a external command from project Build events

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