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Please some one help me on this

I have a simple Date object like:

Date dt = new Date();

I want to convert it to json date format like:


How to do that.

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possible duplicate?… – Luke94 Nov 12 '12 at 13:03
try this – chintan khetiya Nov 12 '12 at 13:05
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Date dt = new Date();
"\/Date(" + dt.getTime() + "-0400)\/"

You probably need to parse the getTime() first, depending on what your current date format is.

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This is using*

final JsonSerializer<Date> dateSerialize = new JsonSerializer<Date>()

        public JsonElement serialize(final Date src,
                final Type typeOfSrc,
                final JsonSerializationContext context)
            final String dateString = "Date(" + src.getTime() + "-" + src.getTimezoneOffset()+")";
            return new JsonPrimitive(dateString);



Gson gson = GsonBuilder().registerTypeAdapter(Date.class, dateSerialize)                

Date dt = new Date();*

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There isn't really a Date format in JSON, only some not universal conventions.

This being said, your "date" is in two parts :

  • a number of milliseconds since epoch. You can get this in UTC using the getTime() method
  • a time zone offset

But a java Date (contrary to a calendar), just like a javascript one, doesn't contain the time offset (getTimezoneOffset() is deprecated). So you have to decide which one you want to use. Or you might, as I would do, simply send the UTC timestamp with a zero offset :

var jsonDateUTC = "Date("+javaDate.getTime()+"-0000)";
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