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Here is a graphical image of the database

I want to connect this database to a c# program that I'm creating.

The database will hold Employee information entered edited and deleted using c#

Is Oracle a good database to handle using c#

If not, what is a good one?

enter image description here

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Yes, no, maybe - this is an open ended question with no right answer - please read the FAQ for what questions are appropriate for SO. –  Andrew Nov 12 '12 at 13:15
If you're asking whether and how it's possible to connect to Oracle using C#, then yes it is: for example look for the ADO.NET APIs, or for ODP.NET. –  ChrisW Nov 12 '12 at 13:28
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2 Answers

It all comes down to personal preference - each DB has its own strength and weaknesses. If your looking to get your feet wet with Oracle then give their express products a try, otherwise if you want to scale up to larger DB sizes ( > 10GB ) give PostgreSQL a try as its the closest to Oracle of the open source databases.

Also to consider is MySQL, SQL server and SQL Server Express, SQLite, and various other databases.

See Wikipedia's RDBMS comparison for a list of databases for an example of whats out there.

For C# specifically you are looking for a .NET connector to be provided, although I am sure you can use ODBC; although I never have.

In short, this question is far to broad to give a good answer, so I will provide a generic piece of advice:

Use whatever database you are most comfortable with.

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And ideally, write your code in as database-agnostic manner as possible. –  tomfanning Nov 12 '12 at 13:24
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Oracle SQL developer is a great tool to use with Oracle databases. You can't beat free. Other paid commercial products have features that SQL developer does not but I would not call them essential to developing an application.

Is Oracle a good database to handle using c#?

Oracle and Microsoft products can work together. With the introduction of Entity Framework supported by ODAC drivers from Oracle you can actually build a web application in C# with only some of the usual pain. By "pain" I mean the quirks of Oracle and Microsoft. For example in Entity Framework the ODAC drivers only let you model the objects in your schema. I have not found a good way to access tables from other schemas. This should be fixed...one day.

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