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I am trying to implement a VisualSearch.js Query box that can be used to search the attributes of particular objects. VisualSearch.js provides Facets that can have categories but does any one know of a way that I can load a facet for the model name .e.g 'user') then once clicked/selected load a second sub facet with a list of attributes before then giving the user a chance to finally click on the values which will be load via a JSON call. I have searched and cannot find any reference to this sort of functionality but I may just be using the incorrect term "Sub Facet".

Here is a JSFiddle I have been playing with.

var visualSearch = VS.init({
    container: $('#visual_search'),
    query: '',
    callbacks: {
        search: function(query, searchCollection) {},
        facetMatches: function(callback) {
                value: '',
                label: '',
                category: 'Users'},
                value: '',
                label: '',
                category: 'Jobs'},
                value: 'job.startDate',
                label: 'job.startDate',
                category: 'Jobs'}
        valueMatches: function(facet, searchTerm, callback) {
            if (searchTerm.length > 0) {
                //pass the facet to the search and let the server deal with it.
                switch (facet) {
                case '':
                        label: ''},
                        label: ''}
    } });

Many Thanks.

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After reading through the source code I can see that to create this functionality I will have to fork VisualSearch.js and edit some of its classes.

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May be I am extremely late now to answer the question, however it may help some one. I agree with @andrewsavil that you need to modify the visual search library itself.

You will need to add the following code to search_facet.js file inside the setupAutocomplete function:-

// Renders the results grouped by the categories they belong to.'uiAutocomplete')._renderMenu = function(ul, items) {
    var category = '';
    _.each(items, _.bind(function(item, i) {
      if (item.category && item.category != category) {
        ul.append('<li class="ui-autocomplete-category">'+item.category+'</li>');
        category = item.category;

      if(this._renderItemData) {
        this._renderItemData(ul, item);
      } else {
        this._renderItem(ul, item);

    }, this));
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