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I am trying to add an external browser to Aptana Studio 3 from preferences/Web Browsers and then NEW, which gives me the "Add External Browser" dialog.

When using the "browse" option to point Aptana to Safari in the Applications folder, it gives me a "The location value is not a valid path name" error.

location shows as: /Applications/Safari.app

If I change that to: /Applications/Safari/Contents/MacOs/Safari.app its still gives me the error.

What should the correct pathname be?


OK found it:

/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome
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Somehow OP's solution didn't work out for me. However, if you edit the launch configuration using Run > Run configurations... and select your launch config, in the Main tab, where it says "Browser executable" it will actually accept something like /Applications/Google Chrome.app (just use the browse button)

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