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For a bug reporting function in my 3ds max Plugin I want to display information about the video card (model, driver info etc.).

I've already found out that information about the graphic card can be achieved from the registry:


Then there is a key for each graphic card beginning with 0000. On my notebook there are two such keys where the first one represents my on-board graphic card which can be ignored by my plugin.

How can I determine the name of the currently used graphics card?

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And is it possible to use Win32 built-in methods like these (gamedev.net/topic/…;? If yes, this might be the solution. –  Karel Burda Nov 12 '12 at 14:32
@KarelBurda Yes it is possible, but unfortunately EnumDisplayDevices () does not provide the information which is the currently used card. I can only check which is the primary card and this is in fact the one which is on-board –  Satara Nov 12 '12 at 16:01
@HansPassant Thx, I will check this function out soon –  Satara Nov 12 '12 at 16:02
Remember that there might be more than one display adapter in use (on a multiple monitor setup, it's not necessary to have all monitors on a single card) –  Ben Voigt Nov 12 '12 at 18:18

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This can be accomplished using DirectX 10+ as is documented here on MSDN.

DirectX 10 is in included by default in Windows Vista, DirectX 11 is included in Windows7, and DirectX 11.1 is included with Windows 8.

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I don't know, but I remembered that "WMI" might be the API that's relevent to that kind of query.

I googled for wmi video card: and found that maybe the Win32_VideoController class contains the information you want (but I don't know any more about it than that).

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