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I am using MongoDB with RockMongo and i want to have the authentication activated. Can anyone tell me how to "turn it on" or activate it in RockMongo?

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Awesome word: authentification! :) – Ed Manet Nov 12 '12 at 14:39
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There are a few settings in config.php:

//$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_db"] = "MONGO_DATABASE";//default mongo db to connect, works only if mongo_auth=false
//$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_user"] = "MONGO_USERNAME";//mongo authentication user name, works only if mongo_auth=false
//$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_pass"] = "MONGO_PASSWORD";//mongo authentication password, works only if mongo_auth=false
$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_auth"] = false;//enable mongo authentication?

You can either turn on "mongo authentication" with $MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_auth"] = true, or set defaults with the other three options.

See also the documentation at

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Rockmongo has some issues with authentication, this fork includes fix for that:

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