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I have a DataGrid like this:

    class SearchFile
        public string path { set; get; }
        public int count { set; get; }


        files = new List<SearchFile>();

        DataGridTextColumn col1 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        DataGridTextColumn col2 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        col1.Header = "File";
        col2.Header = "count";
        col1.Binding = new Binding("path");
        col2.Binding = new Binding("count");

I do this to populate the items source:

            foreach(var file in allFiles)
                SearchFile sf = new SearchFile() { path=file, count=c };

The above is a part of an event handler that will be launched multiple times. Where do I bind the files to the ItemsSource property so that it's dynamically updated? I tried putting it after the foreach loop, but only the first run has any effect and the grid doesn't change on subsequent runs (when allFiles is different).

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Use an ObservableCollection. It provides notifications when items get added, removed, or when the whole list is refreshed:

files = new ObservableCollection<SearchFile>();
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