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A working version of this is here: http://est.pagodabox.com/client/svedka

I have the following function which I'm trying to convert into a module pattern, but when I try to use one of the function that I return at the bottom, for example:


I get an error that it's not a function. Is there something i'm doing wrong here?


var est_project = (function(){

    // Setup functions
    var flexDestroy,

    // Destroy flexslider
    flexDestroy = function($slider,$cleanSlider, $projBg) {
        // Insert the clone of the un-initialized slide element, and remove the current flexslider
        // Effectively "destroys" the current slider

        var $curSlide = $slider.find('.flex-active-slide'),
            // Get the zero based index of current slide
            curSlideIndex = $curSlide.index() - 1,
            curBg = $curSlide.find('img').attr('src'),
            slideCount = $cleanSlider.data('count'),
            i = 0,
            $rearrange = $('');

        // When you switch projects, the current slide should stay put
        if(curSlideIndex !== 0 && slideCount > 1) { 
            // Cut from the current slide to the end, paste at the beginning
            for(i = 0 ; i < slideCount; i += 1) {
                if(curSlideIndex > i) {continue;}
                $rearrange = $rearrange.add( $cleanSlider.find('li:eq(' + i + ')') );

            $cleanSlider.css({'background-image' : 'url(' + curBg + ')'});


    return {
        // Clone current 
        cloneCurrent: function($el) {
            var $clean,
                slideCount = $el.find('li').length;

            $clean = $el.clone();
            return $clean;

        // Set the clone position, for when we add it to the DOM or resize the window
        clonePosition: function(slideheight) {
            var n = $cleanSlider.index(),
                $myBg = $cleanSlider.find('div'),
                myPosition = n * slideheight;

            // Set the position of the inserted clone
                .css({height: slideheight, top: myPosition, position : 'absolute'});

                .css({height: slideheight});

        switchSlide: function($me, $slider) {

            // Get rid of current flexslider

            // Clone the unitialized slider so we can add it back in later when it gets destroyed
            $cleanSlider = cloneCurrent($me);

                animation: "slide",
                animationSpeed: 500,
                slideshow: false,
                manualControls: '.dot-nav li a'

            // After the flexslider initializes, slide the content
                slidePos($me, $slidewrap, slideheight, $win);

        // Custom "masonry" function, absolutely positions each project div according to the slide height
        projectLayout: function(slideheight,$proj,$projBg) {
            var n = 0;

                var $me = $(this),
                    myPosition = n * slideheight;

                // Set all the heights
                    .css({top: myPosition, position : 'absolute'})
                    .css({height: slideheight});


        // Set slide wrapper height to window height
        contentHeight: function($win, $slidewrap) {
            var winHeight = $win.height();
            $slidewrap.css({height: winHeight});

        // Set slide wrapper position to slide to the clicked slide, and set content position
        slidePos: function($me, $slidewrap, slideheight, $win) {
            var $contentText = $('.project-content .text'),
                projNavHeight = Math.round( $win.height() * .1 ),
                curIndex = $me.index(),
                curTop = 0 - (curIndex * slideheight) + projNavHeight;

            $slidewrap.css({transform: 'translate(0,' + curTop.toString()  + 'px)'});
            $('.corner-btn').add($contentText).css({'padding-top' : projNavHeight});

                $slidewrap.removeClass('tr-none movin').addClass('tr-all');
                $('.project').css({opacity: .4})
            }, 100);

        // Click a project, slide to it
        slideClick: function($proj) {

                var $me = $(this),
                    myHref = $me.data('href'),
                    myTitle = $me.data('title'),
                    $slider = $('.flexslider'),
                    indexMy = $me.index(),
                    indexCur = $('.project-current').index(),

                $me.css({opacity: 1});

                // Stop here if we click on the current project
                if($me.hasClass('project-current')) {
                    return false;


        // Hide and show content
        infoToggle: function() {
            // Open content


                if($('.project-content .text').height() <= $win.height()) {

                $('.project-content-wrap').css({'z-index': 10});

            // Close content

        closeContent: function($html) {
                $('.project-content-wrap').css({'z-index': -1});
                $('#classy').animate({scrollTop: 0})
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The problem is that you're not executing the anonymous function, your code is the equivalent of:

var est_project = function() {};

You need to execute the function if you want it to return the functions defined in it.

Just replace the last line:




Or you can keep your code and call the closeContent function like this:


But I guess that's not what you want :-) You'd instantiate a new object everytime you call the est_project function.

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At the start and end of your file just attach the object to window with the executed function and wrap whole function inside a self executing function. like this

(function(global) {

   //your code goes here  
   global.est_project = est_project();

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That's just so wrong. – Florian Margaine Nov 12 '12 at 13:08
@Florain : will you please throw some light? – paritosh Nov 12 '12 at 13:09
You're just doing lot of useless stuff for nothing. window.est_project = est_project(); is more than enough. Besides, executing the est_project anonymous function just gives what OP needed. It feels like you're adding unnecessary overhead for no reason. – Florian Margaine Nov 12 '12 at 13:20
k got it.. thanks a lot – paritosh Nov 12 '12 at 15:24

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