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In the php code exec('python file.py 1 2',$result);

the $result give me the code inside the file.py but I need the output from print. Suppose file.py do an addition job.

var_dump($result) -> import sys print int(sys.argv[1]) + int(sys.argv[2])

instead of var_dump($result) -> 3

Also got this problem when using exec('php file.php 1 2',$result).

safe_mode is already turn off

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You should tell more about the the platform you are trying to execute the script on.

Back to the question, I'd guess that you didn't properly point to the path of the Python interpreter - try something like this: exec('C:\\python27\\python.exe file.py 1 2',$output);

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The platform of my system is Linux SUSE s390x python --version -> Python 2.6 For, the compile language like exec('java or gcc or g++ ....',$output) is give the output from println printf –  Runicer Nov 13 '12 at 7:32
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