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ListTemplates are internal to a Word document (ie the end user does not get to interact directly with them. We have designed new Word 2010 templates (.dotm) to replace the old 2003 (.dot) templates. These include styles, some of which have numbering associated with them, in tern controlled by ListTemplates. When cutting and pasting from an equivalent 2003 to a 2010 based document, sometimes extra list templates get added (often with no name - w:name xml element is not included), but not in all cases. In otherwords we cannot determine if the text coming in is adopting the destination (2010) numbering style/ListTemplate or replicating it with an old (2003) numbering style/ListTemplate. I would like to understand the algorithm Word uses to decide whether to merge the numbering style (ie adopt the destination one) or duplicate it by adding in the source one. We seek to avoid the later as it will, at best, the increase styles in the document, and at worst may lead to styles being used in an indeterminate way.

I have considered the use of w:nsid, w:num, w:abstractnumId, w:name WordProcessingXML schema elements and determined that if the w:nsid element is different, then the ListTemplate will be duplicated, but even if they are the same, the ListTemplate may be duplicated in numbering.xml. There must be other elements to the algorithm but they are not apparent. Does anyone know how Word decides to merge or duplicate the ListTemplate in numbering.xml?

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