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Trying to determine if this is even possible first.

Have a need to be able to trigger a JavaScript function on a client webpage from our .Net application (WinForms - C#).

I.E. -> WebPage -> SomeJavascriptFunction

C# .Net application running in separate process -> call SomeJavascriptFunction

Obviously I can't call it directly, but I'm wondering if there are any tricks someone has come across in their endeavours.

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One way you could do it is have the client's javascript code poll the server to see if there are any jobs. The WinForms application would insert a job into the database that a web service would read and present to the javascript AJAX call.

The javascript could poll the server every 15 seconds or so to see if there are any new jobs.

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If using this approach, I'd probably implement something like SignalR. – cadmium Nov 12 '12 at 16:45

I don't know how you are currently set up but at my work I have a Sever that a page listens to then invokes a java script object based on the results. Some of them are just a bool value, if it is set to true that it runs the script then sets the value back to false until the application runs again. I am guessing this is not ideally you wanted but as far as I am aware you will need to have that bridge between offline and online.

Hope this helps. If not sorry for wasting your time.


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