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I'm looking for an API that allows to create Swing Guis (for example "WindowBuilder pro" or the NetBeans Gui Builder).

Can you help me?

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You could consider to build your application on top of the NetBeans Platform (a Swing based RCP) and reuse parts of the NetBeans GUI Builder or the Visual Library:


Or you could have a look at my customizer framework I wrote some years ago for such tasks: Move and resize components with the mouse and allow further customizations. "Snap-to-grid"-feature included! Maybe you find it useful. (It's open source!)

I started to write a tutorial (still under construction!):


For adding components see:


To customize properties use:


Register it to the SelectionManager of the JCustomizerPane and set the CustomizableProperties-property of the JCustomizer objects.

Also have a look at the subclasses of JCustomizer.

E.g. there are

customizers for images & shapes:


a label customizer with inline editing:


a line customizer:


And there are many classes providing support for menu- and toolbar-actions. (Incuding support for some of the "Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository" actions.)

Look at the *.swing and the *.swing.action packages.

Just ask me if you don't find them.









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