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I created a simple header class:

Class Sample.Headers Extends %SOAP.Header
    Parameter NAMESPACE = "";
    Property UserName As %String;

In the web service I made sure to set the correct namespace in the SOAPHEADERS parameter:

Parameter SOAPHEADERS = "UserName:Sample.Headers";

I send the following XML using SoapUI:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:tem="">
       <tem:UserName>This is the header</tem:UserName>

I get the following error:

ERROR #6254: Tag expected, XML input, This is the header, is not in proper format as child of UserName (ending at line 3 character 18).

What is the correct format for the XML so that UserName is set correctly?

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Just needed to change:

Property UserName As %String;


Property UserName As %String(XMLPROJECTION = "CONTENT", MAXLEN = 50);
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Take a peek at the example here:

Note: All immediate child elements of the Header element must be namespace-qualified.

It seems like the format of the XML is a bit different in this example, nesting a namespace as an attribute of the Header property "Trans" (in their example). It might be a stretch, but I do see that your request doesn't have the namespace explicitly set like this.

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I tried their example with the namespace and I still get the same result. – O.O Nov 12 '12 at 19:10

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