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I'm searching for a basic tutorial to use OpenCV with node.js. I couldn't find anything describing the functionality so perhaps anybody can give me an hint where I can find such information. Hope anybody has an idea Daniel

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There's the node-opencv module to use OpenCV bindings in node.js. There are some examples in there but I haven't come across any tutorials yet.

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Alternative Solution

I chose to go with a native module and update my bindings.gyp to include and link with ffmpeg/libav* and opencv

  'include_dirs+': [
    '<!@(pkg-config --cflags libavutil libavformat libavcodec libswscale )',
    '<!@(pkg-config --cflags opencv )'
  'link_settings': {
    'libraries': [
      '<!@(pkg-config --libs libavcodec libavformat libswscale libavutil)',
      '<!@(pkg-config --libs opencv)'
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