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I have a question regarding Jquery, im trying to throw up a status box which shows a successful save to the end user.

My problem is that after its shown i cant click on any input fields because the div opacity is set to 0 rather than display none, here is my code:

function messageBox(x){

n = x.indexOf('SUCCESS');

        $("#messageBoxSuccess").text(x.replace('SUCCESS', ''))
        $("#messageBoxSuccess").fadeTo(1000, 1);
        $("#messageBoxSuccess").fadeTo(1000, 0);

        $("#messageBoxError").text(x.replace('ERROR', ''))
        $("#messageBoxError").fadeTo(1000, 1);
        $("#messageBoxError").fadeTo(1000, 0);

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jQuery's fadeTo has a callback event

.fadeTo( duration, opacity [, callback] )

so you can do

$("#messageBoxError").fadeTo(1000, 0, function(){ $(this).hide() });

to set display: none at the end of the fadeTo.

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$("#messageBoxSuccess").fadeIn(500, function() { });
$("#messageBoxSuccess").fadeOut(500, function() { });

instead. This fades to 0 or 1 and hides (display: none) element after fading to 0 is complete.

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some awesome comments here guys, all sorted now thanks –  Deano Nov 13 '12 at 9:29
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.fadeTo does not change the display style. If you wish to change the display to none, use .fadeOut() and .fadeIn()

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As others have said, yuou can use .fadeIn() and .fadeOut() to automatically hide/show the contents. You can also clean up your code a lot like this:

function messageBox(x){
    var replaceText, msgBoxId;

    if (x.indexOf('SUCCESS') !== -1) {
        replaceText = "SUCCESS";
        msgBoxId = "#messageBoxSuccess";
    } else {
        replaceText = "ERROR";
        msgBoxId = "#messageBoxError";

    $(msgBoxId).text(x.replace(replaceText, ''))


  1. Remove the need for the undeclared variable n which was an implicit global
  2. Set "SUCCESS" or "ERROR" and msg box id in a conditional
  3. Move all other common code outside the conditional rather than repeating it twice
  4. Use jQuery chaining so that $("#messageBoxSuccess") or `$("#messageBoxError") is only evaluate once.
  5. Switch to .fadeOut() and .fadeIn() so content is hidden/shown automatically before/after the animation.
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