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In my HTML I have a span

<span style="color:#??????>

Okay, in my database I have records which have a field that store the hash color value of a span, example #123456 , with the hash included.

Now what I want to do is in the HTML, instead of me specifying the colour, it is retrieved directly from the database. The model is called Sauce. The field is called title_colour.

I have tried:

<span style="color: #{sauce.title_colour}">...</span>

The problem is that when the HTML is output, it is exactly as it is in the code. It does not extract the database value.

I think the problem is because in Rails when we display an object when already in quote marks, we start with a #, eg #{sauce.field_name} , and in CSS the color value also starts with a #. Any help?

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You need to use the proper erb interpolation tags:

<span style="color: <%= sauce.title_colour %>">...</span>
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