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Here is a problem with specific StyleCop configuration.

I've got a total of two Settings.StyleCop files in my Visual Studio .Net solution folders.

The first is placed at the folder root with chosen rules for the team.

As I want to disable some rules for a specific project, I've put another Settings.StyleCop file in the corresponding project folder.

The results are:

  • when launching analysis from Visual Studio IDE (Run StyleCop), the project specific file is considered and no violation occurs.
  • when launching analysis from StyleCopCmd (command tool) the project specific file seems to be ignored and some violations occur.
  • when launching analysis from MSBuild target the project specific file seems also to be ignored and some violations occur.

Did I miss something with StyleCop configuration to have different results from ?

I'm using: Windows XP StyleCop 4.3 MSBuild 3.5 SP1 MSBuild Extension Pack StyleCopCmd

The problem seems to be the same with StyleCop and MSBuild Extension Pack



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Is it possible that your solution-wide/.proj/.targets file for StyleCop may have settings that override your project-specific files? –  Jeff Wilcox Aug 28 '09 at 18:15
It could be possible but wouldn't explain why I get several results. I may test with StyleCop task (without MSBuild Extension Pack). –  Olivier Sep 8 '09 at 13:03

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