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I am looking to find or create a robust list of decision points for database naming conventions. I'll start with a list and ask people to suggest useful. For this exercise I do not care to indicate an preference for any particular conventions, just to create a list that any organization could use to set their standards.

In no particular order, but numbered for possible reference:

  1. Use of Hungarian (prefix or suffix) for object names ("tibbling")
  2. Pluralizing of tables
  3. Abbreviating and standard abbreviations ("abrvtng")
  4. Use or avoidance of [Escaping]
  5. Indication word boundaries (pascal, camel, _, etc.)
  6. Capitalization scheme
  7. Key naming
  8. Association/join/many-to-many table names
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There is not a general form of conventions for database objects naming but in my case and because i work on standarized framework i used somethings like this:

  1. Suffix (PROCEDURE->SP, FUNCTION->FN, TRIGGER -> TRG, ETC. ), because you can see related elements easily.
  2. Table names plural; field names singular
  3. Generally you have a dictionary with names and abreviations.
  4. N/D
  5. underscore ( _ ), because many database are not case sensitive.
  7. Primary key column sould be ID .
  8. If you have TABLE named ORDERS for all orders and a TABLE of ITEMS then your "order details" table sould be called ORDERS_ITEMS
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I appreciate the time to answer, but what I am looking to do is to create a list that would help frame the conversation for any organization rather than to propose the actual standard. –  Karl Kieninger Nov 12 '12 at 20:13

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