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I am plotting a bar and line plot in one figure and having problems with correctly formatting the shared x-axis tick labels. The point on the line is not in sync with the center of the bar where the tick label is drawn.

PS: I am plotting through pandas plot function


A. Single Bar plot (works fine)


enter image description here

B. Overlaying with line plot on the secondary y-axis (x-axis labels are messed up)

libs_summary_pandas_df.total_yield.map(lambda x: x/1000000000.0).plot(kind='line',ax=axis)

enter image description here

Thanks! -Abhi

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shot in dark: what happens if you make your plotting calls in the reverse order? also, could you please post of a self-contained example that generates some data and demonstrates this behavior? –  Paul H Nov 12 '12 at 21:10

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As stated by the matplotlib's bar documentation which is used internally py pandas.plot :

align ‘edge’ (default) | ‘center’

For vertical bars, align = ‘edge’ aligns bars by their left edges in left, while align = ‘center’ interprets these values as the x coordinates of the bar centers.

So adding try adding the keyword align ='center' to you first plot call and that might get aligned your x-axis.

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