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quote gets the test item from rfq which is known when a quote is created (in @rfq.test_items). Table quote_test_items stores all test items for a quote (@quote.quote_test_items).

In quote model, there is :

accepts_nested_attributes_for :quote_test_items, :reject_if => proc {|item| item['test_item_id'].blank? }, :allow_destroy => true

We want all test items in rfq to be passed into quote in controller new and show them to user if he/she wants to remove some test items. Here is what we did in quote controller new:

@rfq.test_items.each do |it|
     @quote.quote_test_items << it

There is an error:

QuoteTestItem(#56736972) expected, got TestItem(#50178372)

We tried the following in controller new:

@quote.test_items << @rfq.test_items

It generates no error in controller. However there is an error (undefined method :test_item_id) in view for the code below:

<%= f.fields_for @quote.quote_test_items  do |builder| %>
          <div class="fields">
            <li><%= builder.input :test_item_id, :collection => TestItem.active_test_item.all(:order => 'name'), :label_method => :name, :value_method => :id,
                                  :label => false %><%= link_to_remove_items "remove", f %></li>   
    <% end %>

What's the right way to pass the nested attribute values in controller? Thanks for the help.

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can you try change @quote.quote_test_items to :quote_test_items? – Kien Thanh Nov 12 '12 at 18:24
Changed to :quote_test_items in f.fields_for. There is no error (undefined method ...) after change. But there is nothing showing. The issue is still that there is nothing passed into the quote.quote_test_items in controller new to show. – user938363 Nov 12 '12 at 19:35
Here is the working code in controller: @rfq.test_items.each do |it| @quote.quote_test_items.build(:test_item_id => it.test_item_id) end – user938363 Nov 12 '12 at 21:24

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