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I'm getting a very weird error ever since I have "ported" the spritebatch code from Nokia's site. It runs well as a desktop applcation emulated by POWERVR. But on Android I only get a blank screen (in fact its black.) This happens if I just try to display a image, but it doesn't crash.

Here is where comes the weird part comes in: if i put glGeterror(); in the update function it works fine! (slowly, but displays everything fine) and geterror code returns 0. I have no idea what is going on or how to debug it, as I'm new to OpenGL but everything looks correct in the source. I spitted geterrors all around the code but without any clue. I've attached my project if you want to take a look. You will need Visual Studio + vsandroid to compile.

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apparently the problem is not on the sprite batch, but in the java code. I replaced for another one that uses surface view and no longer im getting this esotheric behavior.

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