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I am trying to compile the source codes for a simulator which uses C++ and Python. However, it gives me this error:

Error: can't find Python.h header in ['path-to-my-python/include/python2.6']
Install Python headers (package python-dev on Ubuntu and RedHat)

However, I can see that the header file is there and I have set the path to it. How can I fix or diagnosis the problem?

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When I google for Error: can't find Python.h header in, the first link takes me to:


Where it looks like back in May, someone had the same exact problem you're having and someone explained how to fix it.

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is your path-to-my-python a relative path? if so, maybe the compiler/make/builder is trying to go to a different directory and thus can't find it.

What are you using? cmake? SCons? see what the compiler/linker flags are and see where that path is executing from. That will give you an idea.

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