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I have a column in my database that is a float. My database is in brazilian portuguese, so, the decimal separator from this column is comma (,).

I don't know if this is the cause, but Dapper is throwing the exception "Invalid cast from 'System.Double' to 'System.Nullable..." (my entity uses a Nullable for this column).

Can you help me?

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This isn't anything to do with culture - the data that comes back is primitive, not stringified. Simply, it isn't happy to cast from double to decimal?. Since the database is returning double, a double? property would work fine. The core tries to allow as many conversions as are pragmatic, but it doesn't support all mappings.

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I ran into the same issue with Dapper using a nullable column with a non-nullable value type. @MarcGravell is right, just use the ? syntax on your value type and it should work. –  AdamV Nov 12 '12 at 23:15
@Adam the problem is the difference between double and decimal, not nullable vs non-nullable –  Marc Gravell Nov 12 '12 at 23:17

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