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Is there a simple way to do this.
Let's say i have 4 Person objects that somehow refer to the same person.
All of them have some attributes correctly filled, e.g. @person1 has age and gender, @person2 have last_name, @person3 have observation and @person4 have mother_name.

In addition to these simple attributes, there is some relashionships between another ActiveRecord models.
For example @person1 might have 2 notes, @person2 might have 1 note and 2 adresses, and so on.

The thing i am looking for is a way to make all these four objects to be merged together preserving all the filled attributes and all the relashionships.
Example, in the end i would have something like this: a Person object with age, gender, last_name, observation, mother_name, 3 notes, 2 adresses, etc.

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Did you have a look at the ar_merge gem yet? https://github.com/grosser/ar_merge It hasn't been updated for a couple of months but looking at it, I guess it should still be compatible.

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I'll take a look. –  MurifoX Nov 12 '12 at 18:48
That's a nice gem. Cover many aspects of my problem. Thanks. –  MurifoX Nov 12 '12 at 19:02

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