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I am trying to find a way to use different ssh keys to clone different projects from bitbucket. I tried using ssh_config but I managed to define a different ssh key only for connections for a single particular host.

What I 'd like to achieve is having

Key A for bitbucket.org/myteam1/myproject


Key B for bitbucket.org/myteam2/myotherproject

Could help me out with this?

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You will have to select an ssh key. –  bmargulies Nov 12 '12 at 18:54

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Finally I found out that the best solution for me is using the -e sshcommand option and inside it the -i key option to specify the private key that I want.

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Far and away the easiest way to to just use ssh-agent. When you're running ssh-agent you add all you keys and it tries each of them until one works. Your OS is very possibly already running ssh-agent, so try

ssh-add /path/to/key1
ssh-add /path/to/key2

then when you try to connect if either key works you're in. If you're not running ssh-agent you can start it with (on unix/OS X):

eval $(ssh-agent)

and then add the two key files.

If for some reason you just can't bear to use ssh-agent, then I've found a workaround using a slightly tricky .ssh/config file. Something like this:

Host myteam1.bitbucket.org
    Hostname bitbucket.org
    HostKeyAlias bitbucket.org
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/keyA

Host myteam2.bitbucket.org
    Hostname bitbucket.org
    HostKeyAlias bitbucket.org
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/keyB

Then when you clone-from or push-to URLs using fake hostnames like hg clone ssh://hg@myteam2.bitbucket.org/myteam2/myproject ssh will swap in the real hostname and the right key.

But really, just use ssh-agent instead.

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you can override your key on your repository hgrc level

see Configuration files for Mercurial

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You can't directly specify the ssh key in a hgrc file. You can specify user/password for http connections in an [auth] section, but the only key it takes is a client side certificate for https certificate authentication -- nothing for ssh. –  Ry4an Nov 13 '12 at 1:13

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