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I'm running into a problem checking in a particular commit using git-tf. The problematic commit involves moving (renaming) a file which is a child of a folder which is to be deleted. Apparently this is a no-no in TFS (see this SO post).

In the future, I will obviously try to avoid doing this in a single commit on the git side. But since I've already made this error, I need to figure out a way around it to get the git-tf checkin to work. I'm relatively new to git, so maybe there's a simple solution. Seems like I need to somehow go back and "split" the offending commit into two parts: one where the file is moved/renamed out of the folder, and one where the folder is deleted. Or maybe there's something I can do on the TFS side to make it happy.

The error TFS is throwing is as follows: TF14060: The item $/blah/... cannot be deleted. One or more children have pending changes.

Any ideas?

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From the helpful folks at codeplex:

To get past this error you can try the following

git tf checkin --renamemode=justFiles

What this will do is that it will rename the files that need to be renamed but leave the empty folders behind in TFS.

This did the trick for me. As promised, this option left behind an empty folder on the TFS side. I was able to delete the folder on TFS and then do a "git-tf pull" without any further issue.

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Note: If you're using git tfs (and not git tf) then you should instead update to version 0.17.1 or newer. That should solve that problem. –  VitalyB Apr 18 '13 at 10:18

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