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I'm sure there must be a simple explanation, I have downloaded the latest sdk and installed it using default settings in 10.7.5. I've used QT on windows before so I know how to make a project, however when I try and make a project expecting something like this to appear:


But this is what I actually see:


There are no gui project available, also none of the samples are present on the welcome page. searching for them just does nothing. I'm completely stumped, can anyone advise please?

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I had the same problem.

I think what you've done is you've downloaded QtCreator as a stand alone app, and you're missing the actual Qt base files.

Uninstall QtCreator and then go to http://qt-project.org/downloads and download Qt itself, which comes with QtCreator bundled with it.

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Make sure you have correctly configured the directory where Qt is installed. It needs to know where to find the qmake utility. (Specifically, go to Preferences|Build & Run|Qt Versions, click Add and locate the qmake executable).

Btw, it is assumed that you have installed XCode (at least its Unix command-line development tools.) In contrast to Windows, the Mac version does not come with a compiler. You need XCode for that.

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