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In console application i want to copy a row from sqlite into a an excel sheet .I am able to connect to sqlite using below code

    SQLiteConnection connection = new SQLiteConnection(@"Data Source = C:\foo;Version=3;");

Now through which sql command i should get the row and copy to the excel sheet which should be save in unicode.

And how to copy to the excel sheet? Please advise

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What have you tried? –  ean5533 Nov 12 '12 at 19:49
This could be helpful to you to get an idea You can dumb data without iteration. –  bonCodigo Nov 12 '12 at 20:00

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First off, I'd look up some documentation on SQLiteConnection. google can help you with this.

You'll probably be able to write a query and iterate over the results.

Next, look up information on Excel Spreadsheet format, or .net excel libraries. Google can help you with this.

when you iterate over you query results you can load that into an excel spreadsheet.

If you just need something that can be loaded into the Excell application, you can look at the .csv format. Just make a simple sample excell spreadsheet in excell and save it as a .csv, and open that in notepad. the formatting should be pretty easy to interpret from that.

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