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I need create an "Info" for my program. I'd like fill the info text with several colors, style, fonts, ecc.

I found this: http://www.chrisumbel.com/article/android_textview_rich_text_spannablestring

is there another way (better easy) to do this?


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When I have needed formatted text in the past, I have created an html file with formatting, stuck it in the res/raw directory and loaded that into a WebView. I have never tried it with different fonts before though so not sure if that will work, but bold and italics, etc will work.

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Upon reading your question title, I was prepared to give you a link to that exact article. I've found using spans and SpannableString to be quite powerful. The alternate would be to use HTML formatting for your text, which can be done with Html.fromHtml().

However, It's not exactly clear which HTML tags are supported, since the documentation simply reads:

This class processes HTML strings into displayable styled text. Not all HTML tags are supported.

So, for a good solution, I would definitely go with the SpannableString approach in the article. This method is very handy in practice since you can also make your own span classes that extend the existing ones (for example, if you want to have a section of text use a custom font that isn't built in).

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