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In Groovy, there are shortcuts for finding various common variables for Date objects such as those listed below.

Date now = new Date()
Integer year = now.year + 1900
Integer month = now.month + 1
Integer day = now.date
Integer hour = now.hours
Integer minute = now.minutes

What is the shortcut for getting the day of the year?

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The short answer to this question is "There isn't a shortcut" but the long answer adds "...but you can make one!"

Without any modifications you can access the day of the year from a date object with the following code:

Date now = new Date()
Integer dayOfYear = now[Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR]

However if your code will be accessing that variable frequently, you can modify the Date class to add that property directly using the ExpandoMetaClass as follows:

Date.metaClass.getDayOfYear << { -> delegate[Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR]}
Date now = new Date()
assert now[Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR] == now.dayOfYear

More information on how to add properties with the ExpandoMetaClass can be found in the Groovy documentation at http://groovy.codehaus.org/ExpandoMetaClass+-+Properties

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This answer will not be relevant for now, but Java 8 is set to contain JSR-310, a much better implementation/representation of date and time.

You can see the feature in the java 8 features list

In Java 8 you will have new objects for representing dates. The one most resembling Date is LocalDateTime

Here is an example of how this will be done in Java (Groovy is easier of course):

LocalDateTime now = LocalDateTime.now();
int year = now.getYear();
int month = now.getMonthValue();
int day = now.getDayOfMonth();
int hour = now.getHour();
int minute = now.getMinute();
// your answer
int dayOfYear = now.getDayOfYear();

This should be made available for fiddling and playing around from Milestone 6 of java 8. Milestone 6 set for 31/01/2013

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