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I can get the name of the current view file while in the file (as I answered here):

Get template name from a view in rails 3

But how do I code that so I can encapsulate the equivalent result of __FILE__ into a method, but still get the name of the source file being rendered? I'd like to instrument some views for debugging (the app has dozens and dozens of views an partials), and add other things as needed, but not edit each source file to change the debugging output. I could work around the issues by doing this:

<%= comment_source_start __FILE__ %>

using this code:

def comment_source_start(name = "")
  return unless Rails.env.development?
  ("<!-- Start Source File: #{ name } -->").html_safe

But I'd like a little cleaner solution.

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from the gem footnotes

 @template = controller.instance_variable_get(:@template)

 def filename
      @filename ||= @template.instance_variable_get(:@_first_render).filename
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Doesn't seem to work. I get undefined method `filename' for nil:NilClass (referring to the .filename). – George Shaw Nov 12 '12 at 23:04
for sure it works. However It's not a copy in paste solution. Just check the GEM linked. – VP. Nov 13 '12 at 8:56

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