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My store is almost ready, but my client wants to use a different payment gateway and it's only available using Shopify API (active_merchant). Is it possible to transfer a Shopify store to a Shopify API without losing all my work?

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Sergei, it sounds like you might be confused about what the Shopify API does. What do you mean by “transfer a Shopify store to a Shopify API”? –  Edward Ocampo-Gooding Nov 14 '12 at 15:35
You're right, what I was trying to do is transfering from Shopify Store to a Shopify API –  Sergei Orozco Feb 20 at 15:49
Been trying to understand this question with no success. –  alexandresaiz Jun 29 at 15:02

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It should be possible for you to simply remove the current gateway and switch it for another. Several major payment providers are supported.

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