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I have to implement my own translation loader. I've used the tutorial on: http://blog.elendev.com/development/php/symfony/use-a-database-as-translation-provider-in-symfony-2/ to implement my own translation loader.

I don't get any error's by my code, but the load function of my Loader never gets executed.

Is there any way to tell symfony which translation should be executed?


    class: Mysk\TranslationBundle\Services\DBLoader
    arguments: ["@doctrine.orm.entity_manager"]
        - { name: translation.loader, alias: db}


class DBLoader implements LoaderInterface {

private $transaltionRepository;
private $languageRepository;

 * @param EntityManager $entityManager
public function __construct(EntityManager $entityManager){
    $this->transaltionRepository = $entityManager->getRepository("MyskTranslationBundle:LanguageTranslation");
    $this->languageRepository = $entityManager->getRepository("MyskTranslationBundle:Language");
    echo "yeah";

function load($resource, $locale, $domain = 'messages'){
    //Load on the db for the specified local
    $language = $this->languageRepository->getLanguage($locale);
    $translations = $this->transaltionRepository->getTranslations($language, $domain);
    $catalogue = new MessageCatalogue($locale);

    foreach($translations as $translation){
        $catalogue->set($translation->getLanguageToken()->getToken(), $translation->getTranslation(), $domain);

    return $catalogue;

Any ideas?

Cheers Timo

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Did you do the last step? I mean the one about "Create fake translation files". It says that symfony doesn't trigger a loader if there isn't any file in the translations folder. –  Aldo Stracquadanio Nov 12 '12 at 23:54
Wow, that fixed my problem. Strange behavior of symfony. In this case it's not possible to manage the languages only in the database! There will be always someone who have to ad a fake translation file for a new language! –  rwch Nov 13 '12 at 7:58

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