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I will searching with ransack in my Rails application for users by firstname and lastname. In one text_field for firstname and one text_field for lastname the application user should have the possibility to search for several parts of the name.

E.g. the user will enter "Thomas Jeffrey" and this should results in:

SELECT FROM users WHERE firstname LIKE "%Thomas%" AND firstname LIKE "%Jeffrey%";

If I use firstname_cont the result looks like:

SELECT FROM users WHERE firstname LIKE "%Thomas Jeffrey%";

When I was trying firstname_cont_all out, I got something different.

Thank you for any hint.

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Think you need to specify



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That will not fix the problem. The attribute is "firstname" not "first_name". –  big_geron Jan 16 '13 at 23:38
User.search(firstname_cont_all: params[:my_field].split)

I do not know, however, how to properly introduce that splitting to array when using ransack's condition_field form builder utility.

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