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This information appears to be available when calling NewExpr.replace("replacement code"), using $r.

I can't find a way to actually get the type it is assigned to.

This is necessary to distinguish between

HashMap hashMap = new HashMap();


Map hashMap = new HashMap();

PS: Sorry for this question being asked twice. I re-read the javadoc again after posting, and thought I had a) been really stupid b) found the solution. Turned out it wasn't the solution, and I will be less hasty with the delete button in future.

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It seems that javassist was a bad idea, and in future I will learn to use ASM.

The solution was to instrument twice - one time, finding out NewExprs should be replaced, and the second replacing them.

This is necessary as calling .replace() on an expression appears to depend on the position of the CodeIterator, so if you retain a reference to an expression and .replace() it after reaching a later expression(to decide what it should be replaced with), it produces bad bytecode.

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