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I have some data returned from an api which I've parsed down to this:

[{:a=>value1, :b=>value2, :c=>value3, :d=>value4}, {:a=>value5, :b=>value6, :c=>value7, :d=>value8},{:a=>value9, :b=>value10, :c=>value11, :d=>value12}, ...]

How can I create a new array of hashes with the keys AND values of b and c, given key = b and key = c? I want to pass the key and return the value and maintain the key. So I want to end up with:

[{:b=>value2, :c=>value3}, {:b=>value6, :c=>value7}, {:b=>value10, :c=>value11}, ...]
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Pure ruby

array = [{:a=>'value1', :b=>'value2', :c=>'value3', :d=>'value4'}, {:a=>'value1', :b=>'value2', :c=>'value3', :d=>'value4'}]

b_and_c_array ={|a|{|k, _| [:b, :c].include?(k)} }

We take each hash using the map method that will return a result array. For each hash, we select only [:b, :c] keys. You can add more inside it.


If using Rails, let's use Hash#slice, prettier :

b_and_c_array ={|a| a.slice(:b, :c) }
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Wow! Worked like a charm. I'm trying to get lat and lng info from api data into json for google maps api rendering. This method lets me select the lat and lng values as [{lat=>value1, lng=>value2},...] but I need [{lat:value1, lng:value2}]. Any idea about this? Appreciate it. –  alw615 Nov 12 '12 at 21:25
What do you mean? The api sends you malformed json back? –  Anthony Alberto Nov 12 '12 at 21:34
I got it. Just needed to convert results to_json. Thanks! –  alw615 Nov 12 '12 at 21:54

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