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I am using JVectorMap do display the United States and wanted to place markers on 5 cities. I have their Long and Lat in my code but they are not working. I see the marker in the upper left hand corner of the map. I am not sure why they are positioned there unstead of on the cities I have in my code?

If anyone can provide some insight as to why the markers are not working properly:

See my code here: http://jsfiddle.net/xtian/fqqGs/


        map: 'us_aea_en',
        zoomOnScroll: false,
        hoverOpacity: 0.7,
        markerStyle: {
          initial: {
            fill: '#F8E23B',
            stroke: '#383f47'
        markers: [
          {latLng: [41.50, 87.37], name: 'Chicago'},
          {latLng: [32.46, 96.46], name: 'Dallas'},
          {latLng: [36.10, 115.12], name: 'Las Vegas'},
          {latLng: [34.3, 118.15], name: 'Los Angeles'},
          {latLng: [40.43, 74.00], name: 'New York City'}
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You just provided wrong coordinates. Longitude should be negative:

markers: [
    {latLng: [41.50, -87.37], name: 'Chicago'},
    {latLng: [32.46, -96.46], name: 'Dallas'},
    {latLng: [36.10, -115.12], name: 'Las Vegas'},
    {latLng: [34.3, -118.15], name: 'Los Angeles'},
    {latLng: [40.43, -74.00], name: 'New York City'}

Here is an updated demo.

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Can you post your "grid"? something like this?

$.fn.vectorMap('addMap', 'map_name',{ 
"insets": [{
    "width": 500, 
    "top": 0, 
    "height": 500, 
    "bbox": [{
        "y": -12000000.0, 
        "x": -19000000.0
    }, {
        "y": 6900000.0, 
        "x": 19000000.0
"paths": {
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The map was ok, the problem was in coordinates of the cities. – bjornd Nov 13 '12 at 20:33

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