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I have a collection of places with more then 400,000 documents. I am trying to do geospacial queries but they always seem to timeout. From the MongoLab interface I do a search:

{ "location": {"$near": [ 38, -122 ] } }

And the page just times out.

Also ran this command thru my console:

db.runCommand({geoNear: "places", near: [50,50], num:10})

And it did succeed but took something like 5 minutes to complete.

I do have a Geospatial Index on location.

location    { "location" : "2d"}

Is it just impossible to do geospacial queries on such big collections (quite small for a MongoDB collection after all)?

EDIT: MongoLab personally contacted me regarding this problem. It seems there are some issues with my db such as many places not having any coords yet. Also I discovered that using maxDistance accelerates the queries dramatically, which brings me back to this morning's question here : so question

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That should be a quick query unless you're really tight on memory. Does explain show that your index is being used? –  JohnnyHK Nov 12 '12 at 22:04
@JohnnyHK explain is not supported for anything else the find queries. :( –  Iznogood Nov 12 '12 at 22:14

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Mongolabs techs have pointed out to me that having a lot of longitude latiudes set to 0,0 and NOT using a maxDistance was what was slowing things down. Adding the maxDistance worked like a charm..

So thanks again to the guy's at Mongolabs.

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